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A Guide To Finding the Best SEO Consultant at www.chronistsempelis.com

Ever wondered how to look for the best SEO consultant? There are so many promising SEO firms in the market but if you want to hire the best, you should check out www.chronistsempelis.com. The company has been around for many years now and that means it already has enough experience in search engine optimization.

Why Do You Need A Consultant

A consultant can help you boost your website’s traffic in just a short period of time. He can help you reach more potential customers and increase your earnings.

How Do They Do It

s e o SEO consultants provide web contents that contain target keywords and phrases. These keywords are used to catch the attention of potential clients who are searching for similar products and services. If the consultant is good in using keywords, your website will most likely rank high in search engines, which will increase your chances of getting noticed by customers.

SEO consultants at www.chronistsempelis.com will also teach you about the importance of improving your website’s template, making it appear more professional and pleasing to the eyes of your valued customers. They will also teach you how to persuade your clients to purchase more of your products.

In addition, the best consultants will make sure that your website should provide interesting and essential information. It’s not enough to stuff your posts with target keywords and phrases. If that’s the case, your visitors will never want to visit your site again because they know that they can never find valuable information in it.

So, your consultant should be able to help you provide useful information. If you posts articles, the advisable number of words is 1,500 for each piece. This should be long enough to provide in-depth details but short enough for reading in one-sitting.

Areas of Expertise

There are many areas in online marketing that have to be addressed. Through the years, search engines make sure that their clients don’t abuse their platform by creating rules and regulations. When these regulations are violated, your website will be penalized and it might affect your traffic and earning stats.

Google ranking is very important so you have to make sure that your consultant is capable of dealing with different areas of SEO.

The following are just a few services that consultants at www.chronistsempelis.com provide:

Content or Article Writing

Search Engine Optimization

Web Development & ecommerce

Hosting & Server Management

Reputation Management

Social Media Optimization

Affiliate Recruitment

Google Tools

Web Analytics

Keep in mind that these services are very important factors in achieving high ranking in search engines and staying in that position.


Many consultations would offer a free first session so as to impress their potential clients. At Chronis Tsempelis, you can enjoy initial consultations over the phone for free.

Each session lasts for about 30 minutes. On your first 30-minute session, you will be able to determine whether you to continue working with the SEO firm or not. You can simply reach them through phone from Monday to Friday at 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

What Should You Ask

SEOThere are some things that you need to clear out before hiring a consultant. Since not all consultants can provide the same services, you must at least verify the following:

  • What areas of SEO does the consultant specialize in?
    •How does the consultant provide the services?
    •How can you contact the consultant? (i.e. through phone, email, or Skype)
    •Every when can you receive reports? (i.e. daily, weekly, or twice a week)
    •When do you expect to start seeing results?

Always make sure that your consultant can provide you with clear future goals. If he or she is already an expert in this field, he or she should know how long you have to wait until you can see positive results. Usually, it should not take more than 6 weeks. If you’d like to know more, you can find more details at www.chronistsempelis.com


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